Community Schedule



  •  Every Tuesday (postwide)



  • Same day as trash


  • Same day as trash; Cardboard boxes need to be broken down and tied up

Lawn Care:


  • Monday - Lee, Band, Buckner Loop
  • Tuesday - New Brick, Old Brick, Grey Ghost, B126
  • Wednesday - Stony II, Wilson Road
  • Thursday - Stony I, South Apts, Old English South, Continuation of Wilson Rd and Thayer Road
  • Friday- Professor Row, General Qtrs.(101,102), Qtrs.146, Old English North, Lusk and Washington Road                                                                                         


Trash Day Information

All refuse must be placed curbside by Tuesday at 7:00 am the scheduled pickup and must be removed by 1900 (7:00pm). Yard waste (leaves/grass clippings/weeds) must be placed in brown paper bags and brought out to the curb.

Bulk Trash Information

Bulk trash refers to items that are too large or bulky for normal refuse containers. These items include: furniture, mattresses, etc.

Recycling Information

Balfour Beatty Communities at West Point operates a "single stream" recycling system which means that recyclables do not need to be pre-sorted. You may place all recyclable items in the blue lid containers for scheduled removal.

Lawn Care Information

Lawn services will be completed at all homes with the exception of fenced-in yards. The lawn schedule is subject to change due to weather.